*Ruth & John (2017)
Ogden UT 

Amy & Max (2017)
Park City UT 

Ali & David (2017)
Layton UT 

*Alleen & Marshall (2017)
Twin Falls ID 

Kamille & Cody (2016)
Midway UT 

Jennifer & Scott (2016)
Ogden UT 

Brooke & Corey (2016)
Missoula MT 

*Donna & Ken (2016)
Fresno CA 

Michelle & Jerry (2016)
Roy UT 

Teresa & Rick (2016)
Sandy UT 

*Marianne & Bill (2016)
Salt Lake City UT 

Carrie & John (2016)
Springville UT 

Jarica & Scott (2015)
Lehi UT 

Margie & Todd (2015)
Duschene UT 

Trina & Scott (2015)
Idaho Falls ID 

Janina & Dee (2015)
South Salt Lak UT 

Andree & Collin (2014)
Kearns UT 

Carissa & Brendan (2014)
South Weber UT 

Tiffanie & Corey (2014)
Fayettville AR 

Susan & Grant (2014)
Salt Lake City UT 

Robin&Leonardo (2014)
St. Augustine FL 

Melissa & Richard (2014)
Pensacola FL 

Shannon & Dave (2014)
Idaho Falls ID 

*Vera Lyn & Scott (2014)
Bountiful UT 

*Brittany & Jared (2014)
Bountiful UT 

*Janalee & Todd (2014)
Bountiful UT 

Jeannie & Doug (2013)
St. George UT 

*Kim & Don (2013)
Oak Ridge TN 

LaDean & Brian (2013)
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Ginger & Bob (2013)
Murray UT 

Erin & Aaron (2013)
Mesa AZ 

*Jessica & Ben (2013)
Hurst TX 

Kim & Glenn (2012)
Bayfield CO 

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Lisa & Rob (2011)
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*Dawn & Tim (2011)
Forest Grove OR 

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*MaryAnn & Jon (2007)
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*Kate & Derek
West Point UT 

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Becky & Jeff

Lisa & Dennis
Spanish Fork UT 

*Debra & Craig
Richmond KY 

Brittney & Chris
Pleasant Grove UT 

Ada & Dennis
Mukilato WA 

Angie & Troy
Ogden UT 

Alison & John
Sandy UT 

Danielle & Matthew
Bountiful UT 

Jenny & Adam
West Jordan UT 

Orem UT 

Teresa & Tom
Taylorsville UT 

Carrie & Damon
Mesa AZ 

Susan & Will
Salt Lake City UT 

*Karlene & Richard
Alpine UT 

Marianne & Doug
Scottsdale AZ 

*Kristy & Nate
Orem UT 

*Cynthia & Brian
Salt Lake City UT 

LDS Women

Living Women
A living woman may be sealed to only one husband. If she is sealed to a husband and later divorced, she must receive a cancellation of that sealing from the First Presidency before she may be sealed to another man in her lifetime.

Deceased Women
A deceased woman may be sealed to all men to whom she was legally married during her life. However, if she was sealed to a husband during her life, all her husbands must be deceased before she can be sealed to a husband to whom she was not sealed during life.



"I was so excited to find out such a web site as this existed.  I was then excited to find out how many wonderful people there are out there.
People who had been through what I had been through. People that I could reach out to, and that could reach out to me through this web site.
The compassion and understanding was such a blessing. I have met life long friends. Not only that, I met my current wonderful husband
Jon here.  Don't be afraid to email fellow widows and widowers.  You may find a shoulder to lean on, a life long friend or more!
I feel I cannot express my appreciation in words for creating this web site.  It has helped make my life be more wonderful than I ever thought it
could be again."   Maryann - Herriman, UT

"Of all the single events I have been to, I had never been to a meeting just for widows. The one I went to in April for widows was a special meeting. I just felt people understood each other in a safe sort of way." Mark in Tennessee

"I'm a little confused , on the sealed thing because it's been confirmed with my bishop that i can be sealed to two men-- It's been changed. It has also been confirmed with others on this matter.  I also confirmed it with the stake president.".....Ann from Wyoming

"You cannot be sealed to 2 men. My husband researched this to great length. He too was told by a temple sealer that a women can be sealed to more than one man. He got his hopes up high. But as he researched and researched he found that only after death may she be sealed to both."....MaryAnn.


Dating Again

From the Phoenix Rising Website

When, or whether, a widow or widower starts dating again is entirely up to her or him - a totally individual decision - no right answer. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

On the other hand, a few comments from those who have done it may help:

In any case it's going to be awkward, like being 17 again and not knowing what to do. The people you meet are probably going to be a divorcees or widow(er)s, with their own emotional baggage. Some say it's easier with a widow(er) as you share the same kind of loss - some, in fact, find it hard to trust divorcees (Why did they end it?). Just as you need to share, you also need to protect each other's privacy.

Take time to think about what you really want in a relationship. Set high standards for yourself and try not to enter a relationship just to fill the present void. Stay with your high values and, if someone isn't right for you, move on.